$0 讓你皮膚一直20歲?$0 cost to have glowing skin: How to do Facial Massage?

前陣子在 Instagram的熱話都是10 years Challenge,大家都對比10年前與現時的自己。有時看到凍齡女神林嘉欣、楊丞琳、林依晨等等明星,會特別羨慕別人保養得很好「哇,點解佢好似唔識老咁」。

10 years challenge has been a hot search on internet in the past few weeks. Scrolling Instagram feed and see your friends and celebrities posting their Now and Then photos entertains you. Then WOW! look at Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman….. How do they look almost the same to 10 years ago. Do they even age? So… you start doing research on their skincare secret. Here we save some time for you and share a tip that could help with your wrinkles.


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